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Код: stock g_GotInvitedToDuel[MAX_PLAYERS], g_HasInvitedToDuel[MAX_PLAYERS], g_IsPlayerDueling[MAX_PLAYERS], g_DuelCountDown[MAX_PLAYERS], g_Weapon, g_DuelTimer[MAX_PLAYERS], g_DuelInProgre...
Код: [14:20:03] [kill] Alao killed DaniHD Sniper Rifle [14:20:07] [debug] Run time error 4: "Array index out of bounds" [14:20:07] [debug] Attempted to read/write array element at negative index ...
Код: [15:14:26] [debug] Server crashed while executing Stunt.amx [15:14:26] [debug] AMX backtrace: [15:14:26] [debug] #0 native fwrite () from samp03svr [15:14:26] [debug] #1 00099818 in public On...
speechless, explainless these codes says what i'am facing... Код: [19:54:02] [debug] Server crashed while executing L-RP.amx [19:54:02] [debug] AMX backtrace: [19:54:02] [debug] #0 native fread ()...
Looking for a free mapper, need to be expeienced for the job - Will have to map a army base in area 51 the server will be on hosted tab by next month ! - The mapper will be awarded with the adminship
Код: [12:34:29] [debug] AMX backtrace: [12:34:29] [debug] #0 002b5ef0 in MySQL__SaveHouse (_houseid=428) at D:\Current Stuffs\Desktop\New folder\script (1)ss\script\gamemodes\Kopija.pwn:22778 [12:...
Looking for a Scripter!, Who can fix bugs, the gamemode is with "1k Lines" Only Willing to pay up-to 20$ or Will be given co owner status, in my up-comming server, contact me asap here at forum or at ...
Looking for a Scripter!, Who can script, a small gamemode for me... Willing to pay up-to 20$ or Will be given co owner status, in my up-comming server, contact me asap here at forum or at skype "anas....
Need Scripter who can fix little bugs in my script, 5-4 Bugs... Reward: Admin Level in my Up-Coming Hosted Tab Server, or 1-8$ Paypal cash Contact: ********.com/AnasAhmed. AA or Skype: anas.ahmed731
hello anyone can translate viva gaming roleplay to english its crotia language who can help me i can make him my scripter and pay him every month
My Samp Server.exe is having bad image error It says is not a valid windows image please check this against your installation diskette what do i need to do? please help
dude i want to translate the VIVAGAMING ROLEPLAY its 78311 lines the whole gm to english its croatian
hello im looking for a scripter that can translate a other language game mode to english ill make him my scripter if he can
my server got many mappings and there's something bugs happend like the deleted object still there but i can glitch with them and the deleted objects is not there but i cant glitch at the object posit...
Help when im going out of the field it says Out of Range
thanks dude plus 1 reps for you helpfull
42 how to change the crouch key to other keys because when i want to crouch its just like im playing basketball
C:\Documents and Settings\WhiteHouse-04\Desktop\filterscripts\rope.pwn(2) : fatal error 100: cannot read from file: "mapandreas" Compilation aborted.Pawn compiler 3.2.3664 Copyright (c) 1997-2006...