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Quote: Originally Posted by Sajugs A guide to making a successful roleplay server from a guy who made 3 roleplay servers that I've never heard of and are now dead. Not like you've made ...
Governmental. They do it constantly. Any video games w sex or violence in it they go on these crazy blocking waves.
The VPN is causing latency due to its security stuff. Tunneling packets always adds overhead, and for some reason UDP packets are always worse-off than TCP. SA-MP uses UDP. Normally ISPs aren't going...
I just wanted to make a separate special post to say "Don't buy i3 processors for video games". Don't buy i3 processors for video games. Ever. fin.
Quote: Originally Posted by xSaint I'd go with a 7th/8th gen I3 or i5 if you want something more powerful, going for an I7 processor will just bottleneck your graphics. Ok please just s...
Bringing Everystuff back in a couple weeks, wanted to use the latest CentOS version. Anyone having issues under CentOS 8? Appreciate all answers, as long as they don't consist of "Use {insert non-Ce...
Some ISPs consider 7777 a malware port and block it on their end. You may have to call your internet provider and ask that they allow 7777 for your account. Quote: Originally Posted by issa...
Quote: Originally Posted by TheDiego Remove your Anti-Virus completly then. Thats horrible advice. He should just make an exception in his antivirus for the SA-MP executables. Nobody s...
44,609 Make a timer that uses that^ to check players distance from where the CP would be. Once they are within certain range, call a function that s...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sublime no, i'm not talking about sa:mp i'm talking about *your* server will it live to see another day? Ummmm....yes?
You host should have provided you with upload info. If you rented a dedicated or VPS, then you probably have to set up and configure FTP so that you can move files around.
What will be dead? SA-MP or the server? SA-MP isnt dying. Server populations ebb and flow with the tides.
Jesus christ people. If its just his server, 100mbit is fine. It wont stand up to a DDoS, but even 1gbit connections have problems with that nowadays. 70 ppl on 03z server uses less than 10mbit. Un...
Personally I always get their current velocity and multiply it by like 1.5,2.0 etc
This will also occur if you are using a ton of huge includes like YSI, etc. Make sure you actually NEED the includes that are in your script.