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Quote: Originally Posted by ItIsOzan Hey guys, this is my first post on the sa-mp forums and my first map release. I hope you guys enjoy it and have a nice one! Album [
I suggest you to remove that and to add a command Код: new Siren[MAX_VEHICLES]; new SirenObject[MAX_VEHICLES]; CMD:siren(playerid, params[]) { if(IsACop(playerid)) { new stri...
This may be what you're looking for.
under OnGameModeInit LoadPlayerVehicles();
Pretty sure its still possible, Maybe wait for someone more experienced to answer your question. Check other gamemodes or filterscripts to see if someone has something similar you can learn from
Have you tried going back to an older version of the plugin?
Pretty sure it has something to do with Streamer Plugin, Have you tried updating it recently?
From what you're saying you want reports to have ASSIGNED ID's so you can delete them after they have been resolved? Make a variable that stores Report ID's so everytime someone accepts a report it g...
17 is what you are looking for. OH and
Stop posting useless shit.. Learn simple programming then come back to SA-MP. Try solve things yourself TIP: Look inside your script to see what is supposed to be inside your text file.
14 Use Switch or if statements, Make classes for each opposing team Use your brain. Dont be lazy please.
Before posting here.. Because i've seen you do it countless times about pointless shit. Goto the SA-MP Documentation and read up.
Are your plugins loading correctly? Using any filterscripts? I suggest looking on ****** to see if anyone else has had this problem before on SA-MP Forums.
Sounds like a streamer issue. Goodluck
Leave him be, He's new to PHP it looks like. If you want more assistance i've added your skype. - Alexander
Quote: Originally Posted by Lirbo I didn't really get what are those ER diagrams are doing. another question; I'll have to do something like this in my pawn or? PHP код: CREATE TA...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lirbo aww :[, this one would be useful? I'm currently watching it Yeah, Watching video tutorials will help. Altho...
Study MySQL, Always do ER (Entity Relationship) Diagrams before using SQL. Heres an example of how to make an ER Diagram.