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Here is my code: pawn Код: enum E_PLAYERINFO{    pAdminLevel,}uvar pInfo[MAX_PLAYERS][E_PLAYERINFO];YCMD:setadmin(p, par[], help){    if(help) msg(p, "/setadmin player, level");    if(IsPlay...
Could be because you switched language accidentally by pressing Alt+Shift (or Ctrl+Shift).
I, too, have noticed that light RP servers are getting more popular, as well as CnR servers. Classic strict roleplay loses it's popularity, but unique strict roleplay is actually popular. By unique I ...
Yeah it can be done many other ways, but still cool that you can make programs, so good job! I made myself a program once in Visual Studio that would check a forum post, extract commands that are me...
Quote: Originally Posted by Gamer_Z Why isn't anything implemented that allows to loop a map? Store your map keys in a vector
This is very cool, thanks! Item descriptions are stored in separate files and there's an index file like the one you described so I'm switching right away
Quote: Originally Posted by Elas The download link is broken, please update the link. It's outdated and believe me, you don't wanna use this. ...
So I have been scripting this map script, and when I first tested it on our VPS, it started behaving like this. This video compares LOCAL SERVER and VPS servers. Both are copies and have the same gam...
Quote: Originally Posted by Redirect Left I am a true oldfag, i know. same lol
Quote: Originally Posted by CaHbKo Do you realize it's been released like 3 years ago? Hey look I replied here already lool
Why wont you set the player to spectate Hydra? It will look pretty much the same
I would like to thank SA:MP for my English, which I have been learning on RP servers since 0.2.2. I have never worked hard on English lessons because my level was usually higher than other kids' level...
Did you feel like Santa? People are sitting here with their slow streamers, no object collision detecting, no nothing. Gray, boring scripting. And you're like HO HO HO!! What you guys want? And every...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kwarde Why would you actually use '%s' in the SendClientMessage function? Also, as far as I know, '%' is changed to '#'. Though I never tried it as '%s'. I ever...
Quote: Originally Posted by carz0159 ya, noone really cares...we need to see some evidence because right now, its word against word. This.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alexander_Petrov Что это такое? pawn Код: SendEmptyMessage(playerid,8); Думаю посылает 8 пустых строчек в чат.
Quote: Originally Posted by xkirill what calm down ? why is everybody think that i am mad ? what makes you think that i am mad ? It's because of the way you reply, kirill. You're not di...
I've seen a bunch of servers based on remote islands, so your server is not going to be unique. Unique means that it's only one of a kind. It may be on a mapped island but then again it's just mappin...
Quote: Originally Posted by Samp_India It should be "Congratulations to all Pakistanis" not "COngratulation to all pakistan" according to you how many pakistan are there? xD Your 666th ...