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yes the site has reached maximum amount of hosted list accounts . you can do is to just wait till you see news they are again taking new account or ask someone who wish to give away his/her
what's your server info? it also depends on your server stuff how many samp host you can do with. also for sure are you running linux or windows?
ask the YSI author if he/she can help you with.. maybe he has the update forech
make sure u have updated version of YSI and check if the file is in current folder...
pm me i can give u free host .. i have many cloud server . and i am a developer so i think i can give u one server is from usa/new york
u should explain the whole thing what u exactly want?
when i enter the post i didn't saw ur post when i reply i saw ur first one posted
show me the log file in here
Quote: MoveObject(pdd1, 239.549917,119.577560,1003.218688,1, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0)); // V hmm check ur spell or.. and also check if u defined the variable Quote: MoveObject(...
Hello, as i am trying to finding a script that.Example: like a player have 4 start case and he want to pay by pickup a start icon and he pay some money and the start's gone,something like this ,,is th...
Give ur rcon password.hostname and weburl and try again to start
What os u use linux or windows.makesure if u use window then in server.cfg u should give sscanf.dll or if linux use also be sure that ur using correct file for correct version.
hello i'v created a server but when i check this on it say me my server internetlist but not online what i can do ?anyone help?pls my server ip is online? help
okey i understand well when ur in game then press hold ctrl+alt and then press up button i think it will work
cor can anyone compile my gamemode that i can give it so anyone can compile it for me?
Quote: compile your gamemode with pawn,after that, move it to your HOST and add it on your server.cfg all plugins for linux need to have .so, and you should add on your sevrer.cfg (nameoft...
i download that linux but there no compiler what to do?
is there any compiler have for linux? bcoz i want to compile my game mode to linux.
okey sure i know that in this vps i can also open web host company. ok send me on pm msg