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Quote: Originally Posted by im The compiler crashes for me. Does it crash for any scripts?
I searched "a_conio" in ****** and find that this package includes the file.
****** usually helps you: It should be gta_sa.exe's problem that you are possibly using a c...
So using an in-game editor will be the best (I am actually making one with streamer plugin support and material(text) edition lol).
I mean how can you place them at the right place? Using EditObject?
Thanks for the hint, I'll try to add them in server and check their sizes. One more thing, how can you easily map it? Using an in-game editor only?
What's the difference between the objects from Plane001 to Plane009 (ID 19475 - 19483)? I know they are used for SetObjectMaterialText but I can't see their sizes. It's also hard to position/map them.
Yeah, I have faced this problem before. Quote: Originally Posted by leong124 You can add an array to check if the player slot is used in your script. If someone try to connect with an use...
Coding problem of browser?
Quote: Originally Posted by V415 100% positive, we've had people try everything in the book with us, we managed to get them blocked at the network level rather than the local box and it's ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Blueicy Does anyone else experience problems, when creating objects otherwise than using ongamemodeinit? For me the objects just disappear after some time. ...
Confirmed for a really long time (at least years).
Quote: Originally Posted by kurta999 Thanks for the link.
I'm a bit interested on how you find those memory addresses.
Quote: Originally Posted by majortnt99 Can you give me a quick resume on how to do that with Collision editor II ? Simply open a new file using the editor, and then open all your 5 .col...
You are so creative to use the preview model function to add those lines. I've never thought of this.
Zeex's PAWN Compiler Patches Introduction This is a tool that fixes several PAWN compiler bugs and crashes that is made by Zeex. He removed the direct download link and we have to compile the source ...
It's probably because you haven't combine all the .col files into 1 collision archive, causing the SA engine to load more than 255 .col files and cause errors.
1) It has been there for a very long time and still doesn't seem to be fixed. 2) You mean there are some places with no collision? 3) It does hide the dialog for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheArcher Many people mistakes the fact that the STREAMER plugin doesn't allow you to create INFINITE objects but just streams the object when a player is nearb...