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Well to go down and add a new line just add pawn Код: \n That code will make you go down on a line below. Example: pawn Код: format (string, sizeof(string), "Hello there\nJohn!");
What is your /setradio? I've compiled it fine.
I see you are using ShowModelSelectionEx but not OnPlayerModelSelectionEx, try this: pawn Код: public OnPlayerModelSelectionEx(playerid, response, extraid, modelid){    if(extraid == AIRCRAFT)...
You are using playerid instead of giveplayerid, here. pawn Код: CMD:makeleader(playerid, params[]){    new giveplayerid, fac, str[126];    if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pAdmin] < 4) return SendCl...
Quote: Originally Posted by trablon Have you tried the codes which i sent it from 1st post in this topic? My bad didn't see your edit, it compiles fine but still it doesn't show the mes...
Here let me fix the indentation: pawn Код: forward LoadStuff();public LoadStuff(){    new rows = cache_num_rows();    if(rows)    {        new id, loaded;        while(loaded < r...
Quote: Originally Posted by trablon Hey buddy.. Could you try to move printf function like this? NOTE: If it still doesn't display, tell me and i'll fix it for you. PHP код: forw...
Well basically I made this code below, Everything loads fine but the thing is it doesn't tell you how many items it loaded in the printf message. I'm not sure what's wrong. pawn Код: forward Load...
Finally, I've looked for something like this for a while now. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by simo0000 thnx guys for your commands. don't forget to +rep me plz. thank you Nice work and also dont ask for rep, it's not professional.
Nice one, You should release a Cargobob version sorta like GTA V
Hahahah excellent, now there is something for the coroners to do.
So everything compiled smoothly and i have the database setup and the server can connect to it with no problem. The only issue I'm facing at the moment is when i hop in game the login and registration...
So in this Код: public startRobbery(playerid) { ClearAnimations(playerid); ApplyAnimation(playerid, "ROB_BANK", "CAT_Safe_Rob", 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1); DestroyDynamicObject(lockerBank); // You d...