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Quote: Originally Posted by thegamer355 This code only creates objects, it has absolutely nothing to do with animations. smh fam Indeed. I couldn't understand what he was trying to exp...
Your code is hurting my eyes. Kindly use [ Pawn ] [ /PAWN ] tag next time and then put your code inside it, makes it a lot easier to understand it. Cheers and good day.
Oh my god, I didn't know about that function being added. That's epic. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. Rep+5 for 10 Min.
I really don't think that is possible in SA-MP or I didn't understand you correctly. Try explaining yourself properly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arthur Kane There's no hope in helping you if you're not competent enough to post code RELEVANT to your problem. You need to describe your problem more thoroug...
OnPlayerUpdate is the problem then. OnPlayerUpdate is called every time your player moves. Therefore move it to some other callback or function. Like OnPlayerSpawn or when a command is input.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nitrofuel786 CAn someone give me dutils without theese errors and whats wrong with YSF,inc? I don't think there's any error with those files that you have. T...
[Scripting Servce] Hi SA-MP, I am back and willing to script for everyone again. I have enough time to create any sort of game modes. Prices may vary depending up on the game mode of your choice. I...
pawn Код: if((GetPlayerScore(playerid) >= 0) && (GetPlayerScore(playerid) <= 100)) You're getting the Player's Score here and you need a different global variable for Team's score. ...
Just save the location of the player into the .ini files system. You will need to add another var in the player's array to hold the value of its position. Once they disconnect, write the ini file with...
Looks great to me. I will test it brother. Thanks for sharing! Rep+4.
In my humble opinion, I won't suggest you to DeAMX your game mode or use that thing for anything else. It didn't function correctly the last time I tried using it. Never did that again!
Can you explain the problem for me in brief? I couldn't exactly understand your problem. Apologies!
Seems great to me Michael my friend, will test is oon. Good to see you still coding, I've been away.
You should provide us the code to help you. Use the [ pawn ] [ /pawn ] tags and enclose the code within.
I have been off scripting and to be honest, I am not sure about the fix and the errors. I am trying to match the syntax and we use to write it this way. pawn Код: ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, 1, DI...
We need to see your code. We can not solve the bug without that. Use to paste your code.
Yes that was removed in 0.3. I think now you can only attach global objects to a player.
Quote: Originally Posted by karan007 Un-install SA-MP. Then download it again and re-install it. Nope.