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Try Team Fortress 2! Not similar to GTA or Minecraft but another great work from Valve.
You can use an existing camera script, LINK! However, the creator is banned but still this can be something what you need.
I've bought S4 and ONE OF THE BIGGEST DRAWBACK is it get so heated up even if you use it for a minute or two. So damn, disappointed and now I am planning to buy Sony Xperia Z, maybe ultra if released ...
Are you using DCMD and ZCMD, both together ? They conflict with each other causing ZCMD not to work.
Quote: Originally Posted by MP2 I've been using R7 since it was released and haven't upgraded, because things seem to be going backwards. Why was mysql_ping removed? How can you check if t...
Mind reading the release thread ? (If you're using BlueG MySQL plugin.)
Код: Numpad5:: Loop { Send, tO{enter} Sleep, 5000 } P.S - Not Tested
Quote: Originally Posted by DanLore Well, think about what features your system will have, and base the database structure off of that. cms_users - user_id - user_name - etc.. cms...
Quote: Originally Posted by Potassium But if you don't actually know how to make it then you're NOT professional (in relation to web development)... I actually do, I just want that base...
Quote: Originally Posted by cj101 Just use wordpress. it makes things so much easier. Having a custom blog changes the view of the visitor to a better level. It's like showing how much ...
I have so much of free time these days and after too much fighting with myself incase of deciding what to do, I've come up with an idea of making my own custom blog with CMS(not a complex one, just us...
How do you make those blue lines ? Those lines which you used for getting symmetrical image or get better measurement. How do you do that ?
Quote: Originally Posted by fiki574 It should work :O Pastebin is blocked in India. Add another link please.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vince 1) GetPlayerHealth doesn't work like that and 2) if the player has 99 health the evaluation will still hold true and they will end up with 149 health. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Aveger how can i make it so they don't go over 100 health? also i got this error i don't want to spam another topic so i will post here Код: if(listitem == ...
Yes. First you have to save the player's health into a variable and then increase it by +50 while setting the player's health again. pawn Код: new Health = GetPlayerHealth ( playerid ) ;SetPlay...
Quote: Originally Posted by playbox12 No SSD? I got 1 TB HDD and I am not willing to extend it as It's enough for me until now. and Isn't HDD is far more better than SSD's ?
Quote: Originally Posted by RayW Better, you ask? Theres the GTX 780 which was Just released. Its around $200 more expensive but I assume money isn't an issue since you didn't mention it.....
I've thought to build a very powerful gaming PC. I want all of you whose reading the topic and are interested in helping, suggesting or whatever to post your ideas, reviews and opinion. Straight to ...
Quote: Originally Posted by emokidx Don't learn by watching tabs. That is the worst way to learn. Tutoring by a professional is the best and the easiest way to learn guitar. You can't lea...