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I still didn't find a solution for me, How can I put that bee on objects?
Quote: Originally Posted by RoboN1X You cant use textdraw sprites as object material only in 0.3.8/DL you can use texture from custom models or sprites* as object material * note that 0.3....
same thing, nothing to display SetDynamicObjectMaterial(obj, 0, 0,"bee1", "ld_grav.txd", 0xFFFFFFFF);
Quote: Originally Posted by Mugala you have to use SetObjectMaterial, instead of SetObjectMaterialText, you can change textures with that. if I use this it doesn't show anything Code:...
Hello I use SetObjectMaterialText to use webdings character because they are looking cool, but my question is how can use the samp sprites on the objects? I know on textdra...
Quote: Originally Posted by StrikerZ Use a textdraw editor and make preview model using that Is not for textdraw I said for object in the image thats are objects not textdraws and has b...
Hi, I use a long time ago setobjectmaterial text for object to draw san andreas sprites or weapons but i really don t remind how was the function exactly so can someone show me a model of how it shou...
Hello, does anyone know this animation to hold the miner cart? I can t find it in animation list and search it on animlist filterscripts without succe...
Looks good, congrats for work
Hi, this error "Array index out of bounds" show when you acces an element past over you defined variable like new variable[20] and you acces 20 or 21 etc. So I have this error Код: [20:58:23] [d...
if I get understand right Код: if(GetPlayerScore(playerid)>20) return SendclientMessage(playerid,-1,"Your level is to high"); Just add this on your command or where you need to put your restric...
Quote: Originally Posted by ducmcmca1 What the MTA? A fail version of samp with many function added and make it to be worst then anything
try to make a timer on ongamemodeinit with a second iterval and on it put that command if is player in range of point { if playerinfo playerid pfaction == moveobject } }
The problem is if I delete every for(i=0;i<Toatal_Business_Created;i++) { cache_delete etc } the table load ok slow but at least they are loading every in the same minute, but How else ...