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lmao, fuck you and your site.
For me it's cool, just some people left because they lost interest or clearly like this guy said: Quote: Originally Posted by Sew_Sumi I'm just going to say, that the community here, curre...
Quote: Originally Posted by MIDO007 This command is not working in my script Make sure you've included ZCMD
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauzen Ive stopped checking the scripting section a long time ago, Im also not interested in most of the other threads created here anyome. The only reason im s...
It says that the file is missing, try downloading the latest YSI packages, and re-compile it. EDIT: also try searching before posting
This will work PHP код: CMD:setadmin(playerid, params[]){    new playerID, parameter, adminastring[128];    if(!IsPlayerAdmin(playerid)) return SendErrorMessage(playerid, "Nincs...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kenton For i dont have idea why all command's work just police (faction), and admin commands dont work's, where is the permission. Have you tried adding the ...
Nevermind, delete this, didn't read the full issue.
Why are you using y_hooks, that's just a command? Here's an explication;
Scripting services for cheap prices, web dev as well. Hit me up with a pm!
Код: CMD:placegate( playerid, params[] ) { if(PlayerInfo[playerid][Level] < 4) return SendClientMessage(playerid, -1, "You are not authorized to use this command"); if( isnull( ...
Hi all, well i don't know what to say about this but, every time a new player come into the server, he spawn with black color, i've tried to fix it by doing this: PHP код: foreach(new i : ...
Very well done, always loved these mechanic roleplay scenes. Here's a rep for you! Keep up the good work
Yes, you need 0.3DL for VC and LC. And if you're going to run a RP server i'd suggest you to do that vehicle system as it's more realistic.
PHP код:     if(dialogid == DIALOG_SHOPSTUFF)     {         if(response)         {             GivePlayerMoney(playerid, 24000000);           ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Uproar Actually yes, I had to close my server because of this. We could say english heavy roleplay servers are dying. LSRP rarely hits 200 these days. RCRP most...
Quote: Originally Posted by ****** Split your mode up to not be a single stupidly long file. Aim for maybe 1000 lines max per module, and keep unrleated functionality separate. So for ex...