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Since arrays start from 0, -1 looks like an arbitrary value you give to it. Post OnPlayerDisconnect entirely, maybe we can help.
I bought it few days before they gave it for free.
I have it since 2k14 and still on SAMP. I approve that
Looking for experienced samp players to test my scripts. Randoms are welcome as well. Contact via Discord, see my signature.
Hello. Please read this and good luck!
Anything that is real music, aka no trap or disco or techno or house or synth pop or eurodance or anything shitty enough. Yes, there are skilled DJs, but a being real musician is way different from h...
PHP Code: [12:03:40] [debug] Attempted to read/write array element at index 500 in array of size 500  This means you have declared a variable which has 500 cells starting from ...
With "i am feeling old" you mean your back hurts? If not stop crying about the fact you\'re still alive
Never happened to me, could be the discord channel id you use, check if it's correct.
Hello, that does not look like a big problem, try to rename GetVehicleColor, ChangeVehicleColor and OnVehicleStstusUpdate in the include.
Does that happen on other servers too? If not then maybe it's some model causing the client to crash.
Hello, I've take a look at the gamemode, there isn't any use of Playaudiostreamforplayer, show us your code where you added this
I know it's quite different from your code, sorry for that PHP Code: // I will suppose that there are 2 duelling teams #define TEAM_DUEL_ONE     0 #define TEAM_DUEL_TWO     ...
Hello! I would define two global variables, once per duelling team, and increase it for every player in a team; when dying if players are in a duel team decrease the variable. Once it's 0 the duel is ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Viggo At the beginning of the idea it's the same, but Private200 added a nice touch to his idea at the end which is the touch I need, but I'm waiting for more i...
Quote: Originally Posted by Viggo This is a good idea. Will wait for more ideas. You didn't read my code. Private200 and me had the same idea.
Command or player death? You are not being clear, anyways checking the wiki is not a sin nor a shameful act.