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I had to have my pc repaired a few weeks ago, it has had a new motherboard, that is all apparently, but SA and SA:MP keep getting these horrible lag spikes, even with minimum settings. CPU is also get...
welcome to the party. I thought everyone knew about this mod for years.
Lots of I's instead of i's, and some full stops kthx.
Quote: Originally Posted by jeremy8810 This means you can add mods into the server and everyone can see them? Like a mod on a infernus? ^ this.?
I know the problem, the wav is not on the correct format for sa.. If you read this, PM me and I'll reply with an email address. Send the wav to the address and I'll get it working in sa for you.
I was messing with the resolution options in advanced settings, and somehow now whenever I start SA or SAMP the whole screen is white, I see nothing. Is there a way for me to get it back to normal wit...
Vice City was the first ever digital game I ever played, and it remains my favourite GTA. The storyline, characters, music, everything about it was just brilliant. I got a PS2 when I was younger even ...
Great work, should deffo be stickied or pinned or whatever teh hell you call it
Under Ј60 woah lol who would pay any more than Ј20 for a pair of headphones? People that are very rich or very stupid. You can get headphones of better quality than skull candy for like Ј10-15. You...
Not bad. Seems to be alot of empty wasted space on the right hand side though. 5/10
LMAO that's pretty funny "your momma so fat, she broke the mirror" ROFL
Nice map, I LIEK The interiors are very nice and so is most of the exterior I am sure there are people that will enjoy this map
Quote: Originally Posted by corne Most of the people that have the word "unique" in their advertisements or server name think that they will easily get more players for their server and be...
Whatever that link is, it will be useful for me too, thanks
Not a bad map at all, very well organised post and code. Organisation is good
Quote: Originally Posted by Macluawn I liked the part with Rowan Atkinson. Hilarious as always. on topic: wait a while. it should appear on *******. Yeah it was pretty awesome. The Rowa...