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It would be better with these functions: Code: IsValidPreciseTimer KillAllPreciceTimers
You need install all librarys of C++ neccesary's, search in G00gle that librarys regarding your windows version (32 or 64 bits)
What is this? [timerfix.plugin] n_SetTimerEx: bad parameter count (count is 4, should be greater than 5)
You can actually fix the problem, only I gave it to you updated to the latest version
This will work in MySQL plugin R41-4, also you need the library strlib for the function strcpy. So, in OnGameModeInit: Code: mysql_t...
Quote: Originally Posted by Uberanwar I wonder why they are suddenly releasing the game for free. Could be a sign that GTA 6 is coming really soon maybe. If so, GTA: SA was free for a l...
A Spanish fool is dedicated to throw sa-mp servers for a week and eliminate the Spanish community from the forum, the Russians steal the source code and are still there. Mmmhhh.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chaprnks The v2.9.4 update gives me 82347893246 warnings on compile =/ Код: YSI_Visual\y_commands/ : warning 219: local variable "id" shadows...
Really like your maps, I hope to see maps other than RP.
Quote: Originally Posted by Grim_ Nice release. I was working on a project sometime ago which would have millions of items (100/1000's+ of each skin, vehicle, etc) ownable by players. This...
THE DARKNESS II (END 28/03) link: - (click in the image of the game)
Please, don't abuse of the 'stocks', read more of this in: Replace old function with this. PHP код: GetPlayerTeamName(playerid) {     ...
Use it: PHP код: SetPlayerLevelName(playerid)   {       PlayerInfo[playerid][pLevelName] = EOS;     switch(PlayerInfo[playerid][pLevel])       {           case ...
Show the function GetPlayerLevelName, apparently the problem is there. Or just delete that function and add PlayerInfo[playerid][pLevelName]
Use switch, is more fast. PHP код: SetPlayerLevelName(playerid) {     switch(PlayerInfo[playerid][pLevel])     {         case 1: PlayerInfo[playerid][pLevelName] = "Private...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ponga Damn that`s cool! i don`t have idea how did you made the reflection on the floor. Keep it up ducky. I give you an idea, use the texture of the mirror (...