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Well, most of the gamemodes I've seen did not exceed the size of 10mb. The compiled file size depends not only on the gamemode size itself, but also on the includes. This being said, I assume that mo...
Looking for a PHP web developer to give me a few hints with a server INI based UCP. The UCP is up and almost configured, but there is a problem with reading the accounts.
Does this happen to a specific server only, or to all of them listed in your client. Your IP might be blacklisted, indeed, but there also could be other factors causing this.
I would recommend you to use Sublime Text. It takes a while to get used to it, but it's one of the most efficient scripting tools. Also, it requires an addon for Pawno highlighting.
I would recommend you to use JakAdmin instead. It has more features and is also up to date.
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I would recommend you to purchase a VPS from Contabo, as they accessible prices, in euro currency. If you cannot afford one, you should know that Free VPS and Free Domain Club are offering free VPS'es...
You can use fwbackups, found here. If you need help with it, visit this page.
There you go: Logo: Banner: Logo: Banner:
When you connect to the server you host on your PC, use the local host IP, not the external one. If you use the external one, would be like, quoting Mauzen "getting outside of your own house house and...
Never have I seen a pink bank. Probably is some futuristic stuff.
See? Chinese people are not only playing SA-MP but also releasing gamemodes! Congratulations!
Follow this tutorial or use this filterscript.
I don't think there's a specific tutorial for this. The differences between CreateObject and CreateDynamicObject are the following parameters: Код: native CreateDynamicObject(modelid, Float:x, Floa...
Make sure you update the server to the version matching your SA-MP client (the latest is 0.3.7). Download the files from here and place announce.exe, samp-npc.exe and samp-server.exe in your server di...
Quote: fatal error 100: cannot read from file: "YSI\y_ini" Make sure you place the includes in the YSI folder from pawno/include or rename the path from the script by replacing: ...
I think it's this one: [ame][/ame]
Follow each step of this tutorial and you'll get your server online for more than sure.