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Nope, most of the players have moved to FiveM or Rage Multiplayer
Hey so I have entered few servers in the new SAMP version, and I have seen they used their own logos when entering, how do I import an image from outside to the game?
Quote: Originally Posted by matiaas 0.3.8?? Yeah, this one XD
My mind will explode if there will be custom objects in 3.0.8, cannot wait for an official server release!
Does anyone know an include or something that uses the singleplayer textdraw boxes? Look at the left side of the screen at this picture Quote:
Quote: Originally Posted by jasperschellekens under onplayerupdate Код: new Float:Health; GetPlayerHealth(playerid, Health); if (Health < 10.0) { //animation } Prob...
Quote: Originally Posted by Konewka OnPlayerDead calls OnPlayerSpawn, thus no animation will perform if you apply it inside OnPlayerDead callback. You will need to pass a variable to OnPla...
So basically, I have seen in a gamemode a deathmode alike LS-RP so I took apart of it (the dead mode) and implemented it into my gamemode and changed a bit, problem is, when I execute a player in-game...
half of the given includes are not working very well, could you please fix em?
there are people already uses this version at their servers?
Calling yourself a scripter whilst you can't make a single command, please bro.
Quote: Originally Posted by HeLiOn_PrImE I'm really curious on how the hell you've come up with this theory. I don't know, lol
Well, there is gonna be an end to SA-MP or MTA Will get SA-MP's playerbase afterall?
With strong anti-cheat it's possible to done
Quote: Originally Posted by AfiqIqbal You sure about that? Because you forgot tu put ";" after the closing bracket on SendClientMessage. Just put ";" : PHP Code: SendClientMessage(pl...
Quote: Originally Posted by AfiqIqbal You forgot to put ";", try this. PHP Code: SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_SIGN, "Non-Governmental Factions: /rights (mainly used for ...
Howdy, so recently I have tried to shortcut the /help menu instead of spamming chat with text to be in sections. but I got errors whilst trying to configure each section to specific group (aka faction...
I can't anymore, you are the server that has the best mappings so far. keep it up I am surely gonna join you sooner or later when the server is getting opened