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Quote: Originally Posted by Shaktimaan OH, PLEASE i don't want to start a fight right here. You can call me on my phone then we can talk in your language buddy. May i give u my mobile no....
Stop blaming things that are your fault on other things to make yourself feel better. Don't be antisocial and actually go out for once?
Ask your hosting provider to install it.
I love shoving scented Christmas trees up my arse. Gives a good feeling of Christmas.
Don't donate to shit servers then m8
To be honest, if you're gonna try make a website like ebay you're going to need to have a plan. You don't even have said plan so I doubt you'll get far. srynotsry.
Thanks for the reply. I don't plan on using it *that* much... It'll be wiped of its original contents and it'll be used as a second storage for random stuff.
Quick question: I have an "old" pc (roughly 5-6 years old) in which has an unused harddrive within it. Would it affect my current pc in any way if I put the old harddrive (after deleting everything) ...
Allow us to disable all collisions? or maybe just the vehicle collisions... Would be kinda cool having to code your own vehicle collisions and have it react in different ways in different circumstanc...
What's up with all these shitty hosts starting up with nulled software and expecting things like this for free?
Quote: Originally Posted by xkirill it's supported by every programming language Rofl.
There is no "mainstream" cure for things like aids and H.I.V etc but there is medicine that can GREATLY reduce it and its effects. For example, someone on the medicine for H.I.V can end up having bloo...
Where are you executing this? You said its showing you this in the server log... you should be running this via a web server.
orrrr use the tools already provided to you and use Media queries ?
No Javascript required.
Why are you querying multiple times? Surely just use one query? Also you should consider updating your MySQL plugin.
Fix indentation, learn about 2 dimensional arrays.
Stop being so bluddy impatient. Enjoy what you have.
This is not a place for requests. Stop bumping your topic. Honestly, if you want to start a server at least try and learn how to code.
You should really be using a switch statement, it's better to use and its much easier to manage and code than multiple if statements.