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And yet people will still start new threads for the "dying" subject.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mike861 This ain't no spam section lads ^^. Anyways, @Codeah yeah they are but this is an old map, i released it because i don't like it that much and won't use...
Quote: Originally Posted by [HLF]Southclaw There seems to be a lot of misconceptions regarding OAuth services (sign in with G/FB/Twttr/etc) so I'll briefly clear them up for you. > How...
Is this your first ever map? Looks awful.
Quote: Originally Posted by VeryTallMidget But why stop there ? Make login using ID card or Bank account fingerprint only...
Quote: Originally Posted by CaptainBoi i a also improved to mysql but this was my 1st release as dini and on that time i id not knew mysql much but now i m good at mysql so i dont need to ...
you will get zero players if you did this, and even then it would be a very clumsy/sloppy implementation of it considering that SA-MP does not have a CEF-style browser (and it never should).
only if they are particularly cancerous and stand out annoyingly
Quote: Originally Posted by Zeth I did. Here's what you wrote. I dont have anything to with SA:MP anymore basically, it's dead. >spends 10 minutes making dead script and ditches ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Uproar Actually yes, I had to close my server because of this. We could say english heavy roleplay servers are dying. LSRP rarely hits 200 these days. RCRP most...
Quote: Originally Posted by Freshncool actually i love ngg Actually I think not, Uproar's Peak County Roleplay is what I love
Quote: Originally Posted by Janichar35 Thats just ridicilious, nothing more to say. SA-MP did very big mistake with splitting SA-MP from half.. there are 2 versions right now one is 0.3.7 ...
see what comes up with crashdetect -
Quote: Originally Posted by DeadDon By using 0.3.7. we're going back in time. Finally, SA:MP has the option we always dreamed of (atleast I) - and we're not using it. The only reason why i...
Pretty sure a fairly big (once upon a time) roleplay server had this issue on Debian, moved to CentOS and problems were solved. Quote: Originally Posted by MustangV10 I've noticed this t...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mario_Bruss Does anyone have the MYSQL version? has some useless shit in that nobody cares about tho
Really like your maps, I hope to see maps other than RP.
If you want things to change, then push for change in those communities. People always go on and on about how bored they are of the same old but they never do anything to try change it. 90% of the tim...
Needs more work.... Bad tutorial....
throwback Memories of stockpiling multipacks of orange lucozade and making shit scripts.