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You only have one post, why don't you create a new account? Also, BETA testers most likely ignore name change requests.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matite The walls that were previously made by cessil all respond to dynamic lighting (as they have no vertex colours), however, I updated/fixed some of them list...
Quote: Originally Posted by HeLiOn_PrImE Outdated, inaccurate and not very user friendly. Adri1's tool allows you to move and rotate your entire map as one object using mouse and keys. ...
We have created our own map mover in dutch. 1. Attach below the objects to be moved 2. Enter the move values (X, Y, Z) 3. Press 'move' (verplaats) 4. The ob...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ryses Does same thing happens also in your other maps? or just that map? He said that it also happens with no objects loaded.
I have a server currently setup where I test my island map, and sometimes you just crash out of nothing. Even when you are not moving. It just happens randomly without warning opcodes. Happend with 4 ...
Then try to find the same object ID.
Some objects don't appear in the map editor. Try addinging this in your gamemode: pawn Код: public OnPlayerConnect(playerid){    RemoveBuildingForPlayer(playerid, 4084, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0);    r...
When someone with < 50 posts give you a reputation point it will be shown as "grey". The repuation point will apply when the player has more then 50 posts - it will change in "green". Correct me i...
I've been inactive for a while, now I notice that the dutch section has been removed from the forums. Anyone know why?
There's a tool around to add images using SetObjectMaterialText EDIT: Link: "SAMP arts" tool by DialUp Example:
It's an optional parameter, just add it after the Z rotation of the object. Example (Code without Draw Distance parameter): Код: CreateObject(16093, 211.64844, 1810.15625, 20.73438, 356.85840, ...
Change the parameter of "Stream Distance" to a higher value. Код: modelid The model to create. Float:X The X coordinate to create the object at. Float:Y...
Don't even think about starting a server, these days it's not easy to create a popular server.
Read the first post, DialUp is explaing it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sew_Sumi Very doubtful. Even then if you drive the car in water, it'll be destroyed anyway. This is not about a vehicle being on fire. Why would someone dri...
Skins WIKI Skin id 300 to 311 were added in SA-MP 0.3.7 You can use SetPlayerSkin.
WackoX;3439020 Wrote: -- >Beelschermadapter: AMD Radeon HD 7000 series Dit kan letterlijk van alles zijn, wat is het precieze model nummer? Ik ga er van uit dat je het niet kunt draaien. -- Het ...
Henkie;3437813 Wrote: -- Andere games draaien dus prima op Windows 10? Als dat het geval is, zal je GTA V ook kunnen spelen. -- Klopt, heb zojuist het spel gekocht :D