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Have you ran all updates/upgrades since installing or just lately (things change) ? Код: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade The last one might have a 's' on the end, can't remember and both...
Indeed ignore my post above, I read that totally wrong.
It is expecting a string, your are supplying it an integer: Код: GameTextForAll(string, integer, integer); Check the definition on the wiki or in your function list in Pawno (right panel).
You are using it wrong dude, from what I see there you either want to remove the middle part: Код: }, { Or you want a seperate array: Код: }, Another_Array { Also you are best to use "[][5]"...
Try updating your flash plugin or whatever ******* uses.
Код: GetPlayerName(plo, giveplayer, sizeof(giveplayer)); Argument 1 (second argument) should be a string not an integer.
It's easy to read, looks neater to me also, I format my code always like that when I'm writing a samp script. When I write something for c# or c++ (visual IDE) I don't as it formats for me but when wr...
Take a look here, you will still need to convert it to degrees after that but a ****** search will give you a bunch of methods for that.
Cheers for the quick reply. I'm running Win7 x64 dude, latest server/client (just downloaded them tonight), SA 1.0, NET 4.0, VS 2010 express to compile example, no other scripts (filters/plugins etc)...
My bad, I hit the quote instead of edit button.
I get a server crash after pressing any of the dialog buttons (alpha message one): Quote: [03:21:09] [join] Player has joined the server (0: [03:21:11] Couldn't find delegate to...
With what I can tell we can add custom objects to samp now (ide or whatever) so why not add some flippers, some custom shells, spinning discs, stabbing weapons etc so we can attach them to RC (or othe...
Come again, what's that then ? You mean like VIP, admin or something like it ? If so then take a look at one of the scripts in the GM section.
Rome total war is a great game, I got so close to winning it on expert/long campaign but my HDD went to sleep so I lost it along with all my other stuff (samp scripts etc). If you do play it give Pont...
No dude, it's just a 100% flat long ass road function for the OP. All you need to do is figure out which way you want to move like say you want to move it all west then subtract the distance you want...
Код: CreateRoads( amount, Float:x, Float:y, Float:z ) { for ( new i; i < amount; i ++ ) { CreateObject( 16430, x, y, z, 0, 0, 90 ); y += 160; } }
Well maybe your HDD is dying from all those IO operations it has to do, maybe your computer was busy with something else at the time of use, trust me either way Dini is slow and HDD intensive.
The solution is native file IO, that's twenty of open/write/close.
That's an integer, it's current value is 2. What you want is a string Код: pFirstName[size_here], Can't remember how it handles them in Pawn but IIRC they run incremental top to bottom so if you ...
Clicky 123. Also you can develop anything you want in both as anything you can't do in C# you can import into it using a C++ dll.