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maybe check for resources usage like cpu, ram etc? try recording again after a reboot.
Quote: Originally Posted by playstores You can't Referance an Array Arrays are always passed-by-reference.
does it happen with NPC scripts already in npcmodes folder like at400_ls at400_lv maybe try rerecording the NPC.
Does it happen on local server or hosted? Does it happen also with NPC scripts bundled with server installation?
Quote: Originally Posted by Dignity What would be the most efficient way of removing dynamic objects attached to a vehicle, for ANY vehicle? I've got more than 10,000 objects easily in m...
Good, I also searched for the same arrows on road GPS system in the past after seeing it in Crazy Bob's CnR. P.S can you make another mirror pastebin doesn't work for me.
Do you mean each line should be on new line? then you have to insert '~n~' on the end of every line Edit: btw your variables' size is larger
It can be done in 2,3 seconds, depends on the compiler. What is the size of .amx file?
An update is always a good thing. Thanks! Quote: server lists for all previous versions have been shut down. Hope this encourages people to update.
I would suggest something like this implemented in sa-mp but unfortunately the download link is dead.
Kalcor should make a FAQ answering frequent arguments like 'why did you do this?' or 'why don't you do x'
The owner of scavange & survive open-sourced his whole game mode and said that he benefited from it, so I think there won't be a problem in giving out some models.
Can you give a detailed explanation of the bug that is occurring to you? Strings are arrays. Maybe, look into this wiki article about "string into array"
Why are visitor messages disabled for everyone? Can I get some information about it?
Quote: Originally Posted by linuxthefish Personally I think that anyone on these 'unofficial diskord' servers should be removed from the forum. But you are also on an 'unofficial diskor...
1,706 Code: if (a == 2 && b == 3) //Two if statements combined