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You should only save things that update frequently (such as online time, etc) when the player disconnects, but update instantly things that don't update too often such as admin level, vehicle ownershi...
Quote: Originally Posted by Shadow0707 #include <foreach> y_iterate is already included in the script. Quote: Originally Posted by StevenLV after i include foreach F:...
Quote: Originally Posted by whadez Well I guess it's up to preference . Could you share only the header of your CreateItem function? Also have you tried to printf all of the values to see ...
Quote: Originally Posted by kAn3 Hi, it happens when eg PHP код: new var[8];  format(var, sizeof var, "012345678"); // Array dimensions do no match  I know and...
Hi. I started working on a new gamemode and now I came to the part where I need to add random loot spawns. What I made is an array with all positions and an array of items which contains items' names,...
What you can do is return 0 at OnPlayerWeaponShot to desync the bullet so it won't take any damage or set everyone to the same team and create your own weapon damages.
I believe it's something to do with GetPlayerAmmo as it returns the old ammo so you need to subtract 1 from GetPlayerAmmo to get the new ammo. Also you should create a variable for the ammo and weapo...
Well, you can't see something that you are not showing.
You could save it as an integer, but I believe it's also possible to save it as a string and then use sscanf and the "x" specifier when you load it.
I'm pretty sure the issue is that you are using SpawnPlayer instead of TogglePlayerSpectating here. EDIT: Forgot to mention that JasonRiggs said that above already.
Код: if(Afk(i) == 1) You need square brackets there instead. EDIT: Seems like Meller and I posted at the same time.
The log seems to be fine for me as well. You could try Arthur Kane's way.
Well, I don't know what could be the problem because the code looks fine for me. Can you post your latest MySQL logs here after the two players connect?
Quote: Originally Posted by aoky LoggingTimer is used on OnPlayerConnect, and I never knew that. Thank's for the heads up. E: If the players log in-game one by one, it doesn't happen. If ...
Can you also show the line where you set the timer for LoggingTimer? By the way you don't need to escape players' names because they can't have any apostrophes in them. Not that it would change anythi...
Show the line where you send the OnAccountCheck query. My guess is that you forgot to pass playerid to OnAccountCheck and the playerid is always 0 there, that happened to me once.
I'd say San Fierro would be interesting because there are so few servers based in San Fierro (if there are any at all). That's my opinion.
Quote: Originally Posted by JaKe Elite PVars are slow. They may be slower than normal variables, but the difference of speed between them is in nanoseconds, you can't even notice that. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by cuber Impressive, good job. Thanks!