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lol it's look like light saber, but nice job !
Quote: Originally Posted by ProPoint Just One Word : AWESOME !! This is sooooo fantastic, never think it before Thanks man Indonesian ? XD
Quote: Originally Posted by gigicu01 Nice Game. heyy you again lol.. thank youu
Awsome job really appreciate it. i have an idea to edit this and improve a bit
Prefer CJ one... The pedistrian runing is too ridiculous. it's show us we run like fast but in fact it's very slow But i'm still wondering what CJ runing anim name is
Quote: Originally Posted by _Mohit_ ok..let me try OOT (You dont have to say that.. you reply when you get some problem or ask other question. This is forum not ********)
Quote: Originally Posted by Romel Streamer: You can add checkpoints, mapicons, pickupids and some new function such as CreateDynamicSphere... without limits. Now a days scripts use this. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by _Mohit_ <map edf:definitions="editor_main"> <object id="object (samsite_SFXRF) (1)" interior="0" alpha="255" doublesided="false" model="3884" scale...
Quote: Originally Posted by phantomcraft hey guys i was looking for a system which only has a command like this: /setadmin [PLAYER] (must be in RCON) and it saves who is admin, and it adds...
FUCK awsome i'm ready for the next update !
Quote: Originally Posted by rapister nice Quote: Originally Posted by TugaBR Good. Quote: Originally Posted by davve95 Awesome!, good job. Quote: ...
Quote: Originally Posted by FL3GM4 Код: CMD:pdo(playerid, params[]) { if (PlayerInfo[playerid][pAdmin] < 1)return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_WHITE, "Samo Admini i V.I.P igra...
you can find the cordinate here :
What the hell pawn Код: public OnGameModeInit(){        CreatePickup(1318,1,2460.6772,-2120.8718,13.5530,0);        Create3DTextLabel("Trucker Job Starting Position. /work to begin.", COL...
donwload the newest package of YSI Quote: This forum requires that you wait 120 seconds between posts. Please try again in 33 seconds....
nice. but will be better if you increase the pizzaboy target. you only have 3 right now. anyway good job
Quote: Originally Posted by phantomcraft As said @ the message above you. Im working on the farmer job if you still working on it. dont publish the map first. filterscript mean you crea...