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This seems to be very helpful. I would try this method.
Quote: Originally Posted by Snipa I think I got cancer after reading this tutorial. I hope you die soon or i will kill ya
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauzen Watch game If that what you call watch game, then why the fuck the author showing off his watch? It doesn't even have a digital screen!
pawn Code: give weapon on connect This can be an epic fail!
Wtf bro? Quote: I don't know what I need to know to begin. Also, I don't know what I need to begin Learn C/C++ than pawno!
I just found that if you recompile the admin system with this: pawn Код: #include <serversided> the score and money are fixed. BTW, lovely name!
Quote: Originally Posted by Glossy42O k, i'm 16 years old but you were 16 too weren't you? He is 16 and still he got more reps than me!! WTF samp forums?
Hey, why you fucking bump ma topic?? This is shit tutorial.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vicky69 Well I thought that you want the background image to be visible so the opacity was less and it was highlighted using low inner glow. Nevermind , Here's...
Quote: Originally Posted by Vince This is one of those rare occasions that you might actually want to use PVars, if we assume that most players will put their password correctly the first ...
Can you make the text bold and increase the opacity? Try this pic: And also replace the text with: Mai tera baap insane! Pechana?
Text: Mai tera baap! Pechana? BG Image: Size: fit for signature
Been looking for an example of MapAndreas! Thnx
Amazing work Gammix (lovely design)! REP+ EDIT: can't give right now!
pawn Код: new      s_Teleports[ S_MAX_TELEPORTS ][ S_TEL_DATA ],     s_count = 0 ; Use static instead of new!
Why do ya call this Anticheat ?