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im getting an array index out of bounds error. Code: F:\Programming\Main\filterscripts\matchmaking system.p(123) : error 032: array index out of bounds (variable "LobbyInfo") F:\Programming\Main\filt...
i can use floats in this right?
So i made this inventory system, and i made a command "/loot", and if he does /loot at a certain place, it gives him a random item, what i want is to have item rarity. Like, there is a 1 in X chance g...
No cause i've set everyone's team to the same team to disable damage, so what i'm trying to ask here is if they shoot each other, does it still register on OnPlayerTakeDamage? cause what im trying to ...
Hello so i mapped a place for my server's login screen, but when i set the camera to the location, none of the objects load, but if i tp to the location, it loads, here:
I am currently working on something which can be used for most roleplay servers. Like i'll be making multiple includes which is dependent to 1 main include. Like for example i'll name the main inclu...
So, i'm having a problem with Discord connector, i wan't to use this: pawn Код: DCC_HasGuildMemberRole(DCC_Guild, DCC_User:user, DCC_Role:role, &bool:has_role); so only specific roles can u...
i dont trust this lol (even if its not available for my country) Mail.Ru is a virus which really fked my pc up, needed to get it formatted so i wont get tracked
i've found this dayZ server i played like 1-2 months ago (forgot the specific name) And i like the concept where even if you change your weapon (with Q, E, NUMPAD ENTER and stuff) it still keeps the c...
Quote: Originally Posted by Th3Tr0piKllaz don't download the pastebin code, copy paste it into your pawn text editor and compile from there
Quote: Originally Posted by AzaMx IMRP yup IMRP, what's ur username there?
i also thought of this cause not everyone would waste money on games, but you'd need a company who'd believe in you lol. Btw, u can show ads in dialogs when a player dies/when he enters a peacezone o...
Yeah of course no it doesn't, but does samp registers its damage? cause i'm trying to make a flashbang here.
Yeah of course no it doesn't, but does samp registers its damage? cause i'm trying to make a flashbang here
i'm currently in the age of 13, was a newbie at 11, a rookie at 12. My parents, classmate and teacher admires me for my programming skills (not only in pawn). Just sharing as you opened the thought.
and as shown on my signature, it sees IP, Mode, Players, Map, Also the hostname on top, but it doesn't show in my samp server list.