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Have a great year ahead guys and a merry christmas to you all (belated). Cheers!
Quote: Originally Posted by QuaTTrO Are people going to start a new thread everytime when there is a new beta tester? What's the point. To welcome the testers. That's the point. Welco...
If you are a ******* Red user then there is an awesome movie called The Thinning available there and believe me it's really worth a watch. If you're not, then Passengers and xXx: Return of Xander Ca...
Thanks for A2A, Oh, it's not Quora. Oops!
Have to stop screwing things at the most important time. I don't just really believe that setting up goal works (my opinion), I tend to make systems rather than making goals. I try to fit in a system ...
Hi, I am currently in my first year of undergraduation in Computer Science and I come here 3 days a week or so and sometimes even spare time to play my favourite server. SA-MP is still a fun game to p...
Quote: Originally Posted by SickAttack Life goal has been achieved. Quote: Originally Posted by Alexia_Vitella lol -.- Also the underwears are leak proof so.. 😎
Quote: Originally Posted by Maftaca So I haven't been on here for years, And seeing my old posts here and my old banned account's posts here made me cringe my teeth out, Seeing my old shit...
30 underwears for me and my hostel fellows, and trust me the underwears I bought are way too comfy.
Not everybody here is a ban evader and not everybody has an old account. The question could've been correct if you had asked about old posts.
Good to see old guys coming back again!
I usually play on my friends laptop and it is a sick one -- Origin EON17-X 10 series. It's a beast. I'll just list out the specs and then you be the judge: Processor: Intel Core i7-6700K Processor spe...
Quote: Originally Posted by KeithCooper You misunderstood me. I meant sa-mp in general, as well.What's the chance that someone started playing sa-mp in 2006/07/08 but registered this mont...
i said that i am calgon from sa-mp and the owner made me admin
weba nd continue ur project cuz YOLO
Obviously, I overuse the headphone jack. Removing the headphone jack was one reason I am not gonna get that overpriced phone(I have another 10 reasons not to). It will cost 60,000₹ in India and that...