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99% of Romanian players use modded content which only works on 0.3.7 because of sampfuncs. They don't like the idea of moving to 0.3DL because it's unofficial, meaning that they would need to switch t...
I am speaking on behalf of the Romanian servers community which totals more than 3000 players daily and everybody loves the idea of having custom models added to servers. Players absolutely love the i...
Quote: Originally Posted by m3shys Not really. You're now making it sound like an RP server. I know people use these terms incorrectly now especially as many older servers are gone. The RP...
Quote: Originally Posted by m3shys Can't see the images clearly. Anyway I personally think nobody really cares about UCP for a RPG server. Everything is handled in game for a RPG server u...
We're close to opening our new server and we got mixed feedback on our UCP. What's your opinion on it?
Quote: Originally Posted by m3shys The fact they're trying to start their own version of a San Andreas multiplayer mod in 2019 is beyond laughable. The game is 15 years old. Teenagers thes...
Shouldn't you hook ShowPlayerDialog instead of doing that?
Quote: Originally Posted by Wolfe I think you all over-estimate what SAMP is/what SAMP was meant to be. Yes a downloading feature is great and probably a step in the right direction howeve...
You don't need to recompile your gamemode if you switch the platform. However, you can download the pawn compiler for linux from here:
Damian, we can see you reading this. come on, tell us the story
Quote: Originally Posted by BigETI please explain in dm, ty same
Quote: Originally Posted by TommyB it's all your fault!! edit: please rep this post it will help cure my newfound depression so are you gonna tell us what happened pls
You most probably have some code inside OnPlayerExitVehicle or OnPlayerStateChanged where you destroy your vehicle. Search for "Vehicle[playerid]" in your gamemode and you'll find that code.
Quote: Originally Posted by TommyB it's all your fault!! the next guy on my list is Kalcor
ok this is weird, just a couple of hours ago I visited Tommy's profile cause I didn't know who the guy was and noticed he's in the BETA team so guys don't make me visit your profiles if you don't wan...
17,535 Are you talking about this one?
Of course it is. Not the easiest task to do, but it definetely is possible.
I've already told you in the other topic that the positions are saved as 0, 0, 0 because you dont retrieve the player's position inside the pX pY pZ variables. That would be done by using GetPlayerPos...
i dont think that's made by Kalcor
No, Y_Less talks about that function which retrieves information from the database and automatically creates the houses again based on the information in the database. You should search for something...