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Is there no error appearing in mysql_log or server_log?
maybe you try to set the position using setplayerpos but you already have setspawninfo, you can try use one of them
saved what? instead of data you already have the save function? "SavePlayerData(playerid);"
maybe this Код: for(new i = 0; i<=MAX_PLAYERS; i++) { labelStats[i] = Create3DTextLabel(" ", -1, 0.0, 0.0, 4000.0, 50.0, 0, 1); } or you can try foreach for better Код: foreach (new i : Pl...
maybe your file is corrupted, try to reupload again
try posting your entire server_log and server.cfg contents
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What's wrong with this code, any time during the race wants to start always appear bugs in the log, please help what's wrong with this code, thanks. PHP код: [10:42:10] [debug] Run time er...
Quote: Originally Posted by K0P Try this: Code: public NewReaction() { if(ReactionActive == 1) return 0; new rtString[128]; for(new i = 0; i < RrandomEx(10, 12); i++) ...
When I run a server and a few moments later the server is dead, then I check the server logs appear error of crasdetect. Code: [02:34:19] [debug] Server crashed while executing GM.amx [02:34:19] [de...
Quote: Originally Posted by Konstantinos You seem to be checking most of them but you got one wrong: pawn Код: if(PlayerinMMDM[killerid] == 1 && killerid != INVALID_PLAYER_ID) ...
Hello , I want to ask what is wrong with the code below , because already check killerid is valid before using it in an array. code onplayerdeath: Код: public OnPlayerDeath(playerid, killerid, rea...
Quote: Originally Posted by saffierr Lol funny thingy heheh nice Quote: Originally Posted by Amunra Nice Idea , Very Usefull +Rep hehe.. Thanks all