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^ Idiot. You can make a new one from textdraws.
Includes, are a list of functions/stocks that are called to the server. Definitions, defines things you use to be basic. Like.. Say you are using a message over and over again. #define MESSAGE1 "Mess...
No, It's in-game, they type a command, it brings up a list, they can change skin and stuff. But back on topic. Does anyone have an idea?
No, The dialog ID hasn't been taken already. And daniel, As i stated in my first post, I'm making a UCP. Not a command.
pawn Код: if(dialogid == DIALOG_UCPCS && response)        {            if(strlen(inputtext) < 0 || strlen(inputtext) > 299) return SendClientMessage(playerid, 0x33CCFFAA, "...
This is not a section to help you with your Cheat devices, Please move to the technical support.
format(string, sizeof(string), " Allies: %d/%d Try that.
Instead of Vehicle params on just put 1.
Has anyone seen a decent Sniper server? I've been to a few and seen nothing impressive or a bad server. -Who else here would play a sniper server?/or does? if so let me know!
Alright, So i got a wierd way of spawning my players with weapons and such. It goes from : Select team > Select Class > Select Skin > spawn. But it wont spawn the class's guns, Nor the righ...
Why not make a textdraw? they are easy'r to script.
Alright, so i attempted to port forward, i'm using a Westell a90 750022-07 Router/modem combo. Service Name: new test Protocol Start Port End Port LAN Port Direction Port both 7777 7777 ...
Yeah, it shows the message, but now, it shows to all teams. Lol. loop it through everyone?
Yes, I'm using zcmd, And you sir were close, It shows the usage, but no message if i type /r message I Think there's something wrong inside the formatted text. the "params" :S
Doesnt for me, Usage doesnt even show up.