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search for OnPlayerGiveDamage in your script and make sure it matches this. 'bodypart' was introduced in 0.3z so your script might be missing that. Код: public OnPlayerGiveDamage(playerid, damage...
download and install this. it's a all-in-one package that solved the issue for me.
Your text label is most likely looping and creating the same text more than once, probably over 150 + if it lags. Show me the code and I'll take a look at it.
Quote: Originally Posted by DobbysGamertag It'd be the same in PHP wouldn't it? Not sure if this helps:
I'm currently working on a UCP for my for gamemode however when I created a login / register I realized that my script uses passwords that are whirpooled and then hashed which means I will have to do ...
Why are checking their virtual world and interior and sending them back to it? Try this. Код: if(strcmp(cmd, "/join", true) == 0) { if(IsPlayerConnected(playerid)) { if(EventStarted == 0) r...
pawn Код: public scavengetimer(){    for(new i = 0; i < MAX_PLAYERS; i++)    {       TextDrawShowForPlayer(i, BlackTD);       return 1;    }} Try that
pawn Код: forward timer(); Not pawn Код: forward timer; Come on dont be a noob ...
Dude are you dumb or something? #define GetVehicleParamsEx Script like a noob again and i wont help you Here pawn Код: // This is a comment// uncomment the line below if you want to write a fil...
Quote: Originally Posted by [FU]Victious You've just gave away your Gamemode. No, he just threw his garbage out.
Rather that being "1337" on your server why dont the person just start their own server where they are "1337" you need a better reward.
Quote: Originally Posted by [M.A]Angel[M.A] He asking help , so if you don't want to help don't post.... This is not a request thread.
This is loading pawn Код: public OnPlayerConnect(playerid){    GetPlayerName(playerid, Name, sizeof(Name));    format(file,sizeof(file),"OrgUsers/%s.ini", Name);    if(dini_Exists(file)) ...
Don't use FS's rather code something fresh.