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Quote: Originally Posted by CharlieHalltheJustinThom Kalcor, when there will be new multiplayer updates. When will access downloading machines and animations to the server? Well, videovpro...
Well, my guess is that he means that he wants to find other PC's connected to the same router/modem using a certain PC on the network or any other way to find other PC's somehow related to a certain p...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauzen For 2 different PCs this probably returns 2 different ids. Oh blyat, thought he meant to differentiate two PC's.
Quote: Originally Posted by severance It has been censored since ages, not since 2018, kalcor simply had a fight with those companies and decided to censure them. No one knows exactly why,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Chaprnks I\'ve always wondered, whats an example of usage of this plugin? I\'m not talking some small 10-liner include snippet.. like give me an example that w...
Quote: Originally Posted by Moldova native TextDrawSetStringForPlayer(Text:text, playerid, const string[]); bug Just remove it out.
makes me want to grind potatoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nobi I can access this link: The tutorial was basically usin...
Code: MEM_new_arr Can I save enums and/or multi dimensional arrays? Quote: Originally Posted by JR_Junior I understand now. I have no problems with overuse of memory, my GM is well opti...
You can find many tutorials that teach you how to create one the tutorials board Some tutorials based on different ways you can store user data y_ini http...
Quote: Originally Posted by f0Re3t since many users want a return, then I will return it! at the moment, a fork is created, but the new version will be filled in later the update will be a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eoussama Just a question, why would you not have js enabled in the first place? Because JS can be evil on untrusted websites, especially if you're on a non-s...
s_DamageArmour is the error There is no weaponid=55 Quote: InflictDamage (playerid=5, Float:amount=0.00000, issuerid=65535, weaponid=5...
inside the conditional on line 4668 there is the error. be sure that if you use issuerid, then you check if its equal to INVALID_PLAYER_ID before using it in an array or function. Код: issuerid=6...
So, mediafire isn't covered in advertisements?
Quote: Originally Posted by Exhibit This requires Sky plugin that isn't compatible with DL It it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Uberanwar I use JIT along with this plugin and no problems at all What version of JIT do you use.
Unfortunately, this plugin is incompatible with JIT, as if you use this with JIT, the commands mess up Will it be possible to make it compatible?