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You made a slot machine system, using tags, but can't fix that warning, hmm. Can you see what it says?
You need to use SetTimerEx to pass the playerid parameter to your countdown callback pawn Code: SetTimerEx("countdown", 1000, false, "i", playerid); Also, just use IsPlayerInRangeOfPoint. I'm sure it...
Kalcor, What are your fondest memories of SA:MP? Do you have some other older screenshots to share? It's amazing how much I didn't know about SA:MP's history despite being on this mod for hundreds o...
Use the code I provided earlier as a baseline. The message resides in 'text'
132 Quote: Return Values: Returning 0 in this callback will stop the text from being sent to all players. It is always called first in filterscript...
Quote: Originally Posted by Grim_ But this is an answer no one can give you without talking out of their ass. Here's an example! Quote: Originally Posted by ISmokezU Код:...
It tells you the problem Код: (19456) : error 017: undefined symbol "params" (19467) : error 017: undefined symbol "params" OnPlayerText(playerid, text[]) pawn Код: if(text[0] == '#') {   st...
We can't give you an appropriate answer just off the number of lines in your script. What features does your gamemode have? Do any of them require heavy memory? How many whitespaces are in your script...
115 Second result on G-oo-gle.
As stated, this is caused by OnPlayerCommandText returning 0. So one of your commands is missing a return. Also, use a command processor like ZCMD or YCMD.
Read through this
My guess would be GetPlayerWeaponID is calling the new held weapon after the game removes the one he was holding. Try just switching on 'weaponid'
Quote: C:\Users\mitko\Desktop\Zombie\gamemodes\zm.pwn(309 ) : error 021: symbol already defined: "Mode" This is the issue. In one of the includes "Mode" is already defined. You ...
Quote: Originally Posted by KinderClans Replace SCM with SendClientMessage (it's just a macro), and remove Player checks. The problem is that how other things are defined can impact the...
32 Go through the thread and look up the documentation. It won't help you if we simply hand you the answer.
Anything in the SQL log? Код: format(Query,sizeof(Query),"UPDATE `usuarios` SET `Emp`='0' WHERE `Username`=%s",PropInfo[c][pFunc]); // should have single quote enclosing %s -> '%s'
Quote: Originally Posted by Kalcor You can post here if you want, but having 1000's of posts doesn't make you important to the mod. I'm sorry if you thought that was the case. If you hurl ...
But this logic doesn't apply to the real world (which encompasses the internet).