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Ooook, explain us why you used YSI here?
Hello, I don`t know what is the problem because you haven`t provided us with enough info about your code or which version of include are you using, so here is the link of progress bar, read documentat...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sasino97 By Kalcor I think, and I hope, that the downloading feature will be in SA-MP 0.4. I hope so
Quote: Originally Posted by RogueDrifter go under OnPlayerSpawn and set a timer of 2-3 seconds to show the textdraw again or re-create it if it got destroyed for some reason. (not a solid ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaperstone I think its something in the way you assign the textdraw id that is returned from CreateTextDraw to the variable. Make sure you have an extra slot i...
Quote: Originally Posted by RIDE2DAY PHP код: stock ShowGraphicalUserInterface(playerid)  {      for(new i = 0; i < 32; i++)      {          PlayerTex...
Hello, my current issue is that when I spawn for the first time textdraw appears, from 0 to 31, but when I die and respawn only textdraw with ID 0 is not showed, I don`t understand why, I did debug on...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manyula I suppose it‘s because of the GetPlayerClass(playerid) used directly as an index. Try storing it in a temp variable and then put it into the array ind...
Hello I have few errors but I don`t see issue, can someone take a look into? Код: format(TextString, sizeof(TextString), "%s", TeamClasses[GetPlayerClass(playerid)][ClassName]); //error line К...
Hello, here is my newest textdraw which I wanted to show you guys and I would love if you guys post feedback, what you think. Thank you in advanced. Resolution: 1920x1080 Resolution: 1280x720
Does Nex-AC supports modular gamemodes?
If anyone is looking for textdraw maker or designer feel free to send me PM. Thank you.
Hello guys, tonight I wanted to create one feature for my server but when I found this: https://*********/33z_0vYdmi4 Is it because of object size or is it other problem?
Quote: Originally Posted by Alf21 There need to be security mechanics like checking objects files for malware or smth (external upload or new file format that compiles into clean code or s...
For example is it possible in RC2 to load only textures which will replace current one which is playing using?
Aha, ok thanks for info, also does anyone know export animated object to .dff from blender for example?