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So what the fuck's wrong with it
The elevator that comes with all of the sample filterscripts in the package does not move when you call a floor. If you call the elevator to a floor it will move to that floor but it will not go to a ...
Can't delete and then create a checkpoint within the same sequence.
In your scriptfiles folder you should have another folder you have to create yourself first. Then it should save it after you register.
Get rid of that line and make sure your admin level is set to at least level 3 before trying to sign in. Because from the looks of it that is the only reason you are getting banned.
Use the streamer
That is set by default to a number, but trying it and setting it to a distance didn't change anything. This is with Incognito's streamer.
So I've had a similar problem with the checkpoint destroying then recreating itself so I decided to make a simple test to see if it works. It should spawn one initial checkpoint then a second and then...
So I got bored and starting messing around with samp again and decided to make a script. Basically you start a job, go out and run into one checkpoint then drive to the next checkpoint and rinse and r...
Instead of using strcat, which is more than likely what is crashing your server, you should use format and sendclientmessage.
What do you mean BanEx.txt include? I know when ever you use the Ban(playerid) it automatically makes a ban.txt file
What is the issue? But from your code I noticed that you are missing a bracket and a return value. PHP код: CMD:postaviadmina(playerid, perams[]) {   if[playerid],[AdminLevel] >=6);   ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Chlorine Try this: pawn Код: ublic OnHousesLoad(houseid){    hInfo[houseid][hID] = cache_get_field_content_int(0, "hID");    if(hInfo[houseid][hID] >...
Quote: Originally Posted by bondowocopz Код: public OnHousesLoad(houseid) { new tempString[128]; hInfo[houseid][hID] = cache_get_field_content_int(0, "hID"); if(hInfo[houseid][h...
Have you downloaded MySQL r39 plugin and added it to your server folders and recompiled your script?
Try this. PHP код: CMD:givemoney(playerid, params[]) {     new targetplayer, amount;     if(!IsPlayerAdmin(playerid)) return SendClientMessage(playerid, -1, "SERVER: Unknown co...
pawn Код: new string[260];for(new i; i < MAX_PLAYERS; i++){    if(IsPlayerConnected(i))    {        PlayAudioStreamForPlayer(i,"