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When I am far away from an atm then I can't use /atm .. But When I get near an atm and then if i go far away .. I can use /atm .. I wanna fix this stupid bug .. I hope u understand my problem .. Her...
I want to make this type of script , I will give rep +1 plz plz help me : Код: Dcmd : atm | If player types this command then A dialog will pop up.It gives option of deposit and withdraw. If the...
Nice but basic 7/10
Worst fs i have ever seen . Go lrn more scripting
Reinstall samp . If it still dosent works then reinstall gta sa
Hi my server is hosted but i think its not in samp hosted list.Is there any way to check it??
Hello , I wanna make this kind of script : Код: if the player's interior is 0 then It will EnableInteriorEnterExits(); and if the player's interior is not 0 then it will DisableInteriorEnterExit...