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Ok Nice but can we please get the internet tab back? Its fun to create a server but if no one can find it... I wont pay Ђ25+ every month to get about +/-30 players.. its really unfair.
Im using R2 includes, and still getting this error. Код: H:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\SAMP\Server\pawno\include\ : warning 202: number of arguments does not m...
Nice video and cool map!
If you dont care about graphics and want to have fun with split screen i would say buy a xbox360 with 4 controllers for $50 and buy diablo. Fun for weeks. Also rayman, black ops zombies, serious sam e...
Buy a hosted tab or advertise in the server advertisements section.
Quote: Originally Posted by SniperZLyfe1 I deleted that but still getting problem: ================================ [04:38:40] [SQL] Connection to "" passed! [04:38:40] South Cent...
I like freeroam myself but roleplay is most popular..
You are looking for a house filterscript or something? Try here
It can be done by rcon. Search for samp api, download and install it on you web server and you are done. More easy way: download sa-mp app in the playstore and change the hostname with rcon function ...
On that place there whas an garage, wich you could enter. You deleted the objects but the game still thinks there is an garage on that location. So no, its not possible to fix.
Can u enter any other random server? And does your internet list show servers? If not there might be something wrong with your firewall.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wispo as i see from images there is 3-4 types of objects, you should put more effort in it, its really bad. What he said.
If you need help setting up your server, go here
You can use the cars from "grandlarc" gamemode.
Paste it on OnPlayerText But first take a look here:
16 check if the player is using KEY_WALK