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Quote: Originally Posted by bgedition Do you extracted the 'mapedit' folder in to your filterscripts folder?? If you even read my post you'll see that it's loaded already. All the probl...
If you'll not add a download link then post here as this section is for finding and releasing.
Contact dugi via private message, he can change your name as far as I know.
Code: [23:14:22] Filterscripts [23:14:22] --------------- [23:14:22] Loading filterscript 'mapedit.amx'... [23:14:22] Loaded 1 filterscripts. I found this in your server log, from my knowledge yo...
Well that is awesome, I'll rate it 5 stars.
Looks good, thanks for sharing.
During the time I played this game I've learned how to script, and how to map too. Had many friends and memories in different places, improved my gaming experience and administrating experience.
You need to find the name that you like and build the server on your own, without any help. That's how you can open a successful server. It's not hard to think for a name just be patient and you'll fi...
I liked how it looks like in those screenshots, decent work.
Thanks, it's good as it's your first release, keep improving! Can you add a pastebin link too?
Please provide the download link, if you don't plan to then post this topic here:
It looks pretty simple, you need to work more on it. Also I don\'t like how it looks like, sorry.