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May i Know Which Host You use. Try To Contact Your Host Owner or Supporters
I have command to respawn the nearby unoccupied vehicles but it wont help at that time they putting bot attack + THIS. I have script of bot attack to prevent but i dont have this one. Many i know wh...
Ok Thks Let Me look... and if u guys find solution keep posting and help me + Rep
Cant find that is the f--king problem if i spec and it reach them i get time out and cant go near them taht what i say -
Iam Faceing Serious attack to my server .They are getting all cars to them and makking it pink at the same time who even is near them get crash (timeout) .I dont Know wahat is happening Here is the p...
I am using Onebip For Last 2 Years and I don't Face Any Problem Till Now. May Be Some Others Have Given The Number .
Hallo, I need domain for my site. i need is .com pls suggest me some good Domain host sites
Edit your script then u can change the commands.....
do /changename [player id] Name eg: /changename 2 RBTDM
nice one. new new ideas r commming ... good 8/10
Which Host you use.. This happen because of ur script like bug or leakages in script. May be due to irc. [If u have irc how much bot u use] Or ur host problem
If You Need I Can Provide You Host Tab... Contact me Through Pm If you need....
Good one i like it thank you
Good But i think it will make bug..
Exelent Map, Thks for sharing. And say Thanks To the maker + rep
Is it Possible to change location of server in volt host. now i have us. i need to change because its lag , so is it possible to change? i just bought just before