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The last years, people are trying to revive SA-MP's golden era. It has been an ambitious effort but a difficult challenge at the same time. When we had a huge drought of updates most developers were o...
That's some great news. Good luck ******.
A really long bump but thank you ! Going to update it soon.
Chaos Cops and Robbers Community islooking for dedicated mapper and graphics designer who could make a trailer for our server! Contact:DiscordChannel
I hope it doesnt take so long to load an interior because people will get bored. If it's for connection it's awesome.
To get involved?I never asked you to join your project. You asked me once if i want to get involved just before closing of medieval rp channel and i told you that if you need me anything drop me a lin...
I always showed interest to your projects because there were ambitious and that was the point of joining it. I just told you your problem. 'Joined' at every opportunity' is being a member in discord c...
Dignity, no offence but how can you bother bitching for BA-RP . To be a contender you must first BUILD a server and KEEP it. Which you haven't yet. Even if BA-RP has even opened yet it is a success an...
Quote: Originally Posted by nl-videomaster Yea... everyone is making roleplay communities now, I'm not putting my eggs in a basket that isn't there yet. They all pan out to be empty in the...
You have been improved so much. It's glad to see that you heared me and you are now using Texture Studio.
A tropical Roleplay where you could have 2-3 islands mapped that are connected. New, fresh, custom.
Everyone is talking about seperate roleplays and noone actually thought of making a real roleplay where you could start from school and end up growin up.
Do not even bother creating one. It's a dead gamemode nowmore.