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It's been like that since November and noone cared yet, there wasn't any announcement/post/whatever explaining why is it happening and if/when it'll be back - NOTHING
Quote: Originally Posted by CuFF I think that samp team is not interested in this issue? Still no statement given.. Messaged one of betatesters about it, still no response, and it's kin...
This should be pinned somehwere... There will NEVER be SA:MP for Android/iOS as they DO NOT ALLOW MEMORY HACKING WITHOUT ROOT/JAILBREAK!
Are sanity checks (mainly for very unusual special characters) required for SHA256_PassHash or can it handle every possible character in password?
Also refund is available up to 14 days after buying, ONLY! It counts only for games bought directly on Steam - no giveaways, gifts or bundles! DLC refunding is very limited. Abusing refunds to play ga...
Did anyone else have a problem with OnPlayerPickUpPickup, pickupid 0 being called without reason after first spawn? It happenes for me randomly both on RC1 and RC2 (Linux)
Until something is done to prevent screwing up D3D text formatting on different resolutions - no, thank you... Remember that textdraws look EXACTLY the same on every resolution - no matter if it is 8...
Yes, please fix this and messed up formatting on messageboxes too (formatting changes with resolution the same way as shown here)
RIP, 4 chan was a piece of shit lately anyway xD And moot is still a faggot, with failed startup, being denied by girl whom he took for a world trip and trading his empire for SJW life, it's seriously...
Others are on GitHub (, they aren't listen on topic anymore
Judging by fact that NGRP is down because of it - it will be fixed soon
What does GetVehicleCab(vehicleid) do?
Yes, especially bugs in map editor that exist since it was created
Quote: Originally Posted by LocMax Better vehicle sync, something like lag compensation for vehicles. Actually this, lagpitting became kinda boring and annoying, especially with huge pi...
Optimize your loops, they rape CPU more than any timer, also don't try making loop inside loop unless you REALLY must do it
Quote: Originally Posted by ron_tim Ok so if you need 50+ rep You need 50+ POSTS, not rep, so everything it's logical and possible to do
Are your maps very far away from mainland?
It always shows vehicles first, isn't it logical?
It hates big files - some time ago it didn't convert anything over ~2500 objects, recently I was able to convert more but still it doesn't work as it should