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Quote: Originally Posted by TuFF12 HyDrAtIc you are saying that i can find a "Paid Host"? Of course you can find paid hosts. There are tons of them, but if you need good support you'll ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauzen Ive seen paid hosters doing their job worse than some free ones, so paid stuff isnt always better, and free stuff isnt always that bad Agree. My terr...
Quote: Originally Posted by iZN I think for me atleast, it has died down for me. I've lost interest in it, the last time I probably played SA-MP was about 2 years ago, and that was my own ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Vicky69 and Hope ya all like it Nice work, appreciated.
Stunning pictures. Mind if I request two signature's, same thing but different texts. Text: Hydratic - James for second picture. Background: Surprise me, I want a FULL HD creative colorful backgroun...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sergei I'm sure there are a lot of fans of romantic movies on this forum. You really turned to the right place with this. Just.... can't..... stop.... laughi...
Quote: Originally Posted by Krest are you sarcastic or just new to the internet? do all ur posts sir need to be off topic and full of crap?
Thread updated. Quote: Originally Posted by Vince bruh ur eye cant see above 720p /s Edit: My computer doesn't even seem to be able to properly play it, even at 4K. It's so sluggish and...
The video was published on June 7, 2015. There are currently two cameras which can record at this quality. The thread will be updated soon with the cameras, information about them, and pictures. You c...
I don't think so. Why would it affect the active players if they really admire SA-MP and enjoy it?... GTA V is a great game, but even though. That doesn't mean I wont play SA-MP anymore. have a piece ...
Spent two hours on SA-MP. The only game I've ever played ever ever never.
Looking for someone who could provide Hosted Tab for an upcoming COD server. The server had been running for over three years and it had +200 players. Owned by the best COD scripters. For more informa...
mario super boy. No.. Seriously, I'd pick Far Cry 4 or something. These games are on the top. Also, for a soccer game, I'd choose PES 2015.
I have the same problem, I've been looking for a fix. Cannot find any unfortuantely. I suggest you to use fpslimit.cs. It increases your FPS by around 70 or even more, depending on your specs.
Quote: Originally Posted by ev0lution San Andreas this
Quote: Originally Posted by Krest testing hi loud & clear
I waste my time online watching such threads.