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Thank you so much for this. I've been rattling my brain over how to automatically chmod something my script creates and this just solved my problem. Without this I don't know what I would have done.
Basically I'm running a Linux server on my VPS and I've having trouble giving it the right permissions, I have a include in there to create a directory into scriptfiles then proceed to write in it by ...
I managed to get it working eventually, but thanks for your help.
Sorry for the bump but I'm getting the exact same thing except I only have one gang zone, does anyone have a solution?
Right, I'll get straight to the point. I've managed to remove the spawn menu when you first connect and spawn by using the TogglePlayerSpectating function but if you then die and proceed to respawn it...
His picture source was Quote: http://c/Program%20Files/Rockstar%20.../sa-mp-010.png Sorry but if that's not a retard i don't know what is
Like ls-rp, i think it's really complicated i would never attempt it but i would love to know how it's done.
Nice FS i will definetly use it //FIXED IT SORRY
@Nate 1. Edit it? 2. I think this was designed for noob coders?
Hey, Can You Make FuelSystem but LS Edition, If So Thanks!!