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Okay, so... I set everything up correctly. It was working fine until I decided to delete something in NaviCat. It did some type of error with or something. I shut down mysqld.exe in Task Ma...
Thanks. I'll look into it.
Okay. I'm basically wondering what I should download to get a MySQL server or whatever. Also, I don't want wampserver. It looks like shit, and it doesn't work for me.
The title says it all. I'm confused on how I set up a database, or what programs to use. Yes, I've searched ****** and all of that. So yeah, if someone could assist me with this, it would be wonderful...
Quote: Originally Posted by Krozz Any more info like who can use it? anybody or rcon? Look at the script...?
Hmm, I know what he is wanting, and you've done most of that. But, I believe you forgot the part where it hides the players nametag when he's in /mask. I imagine this is for a RP server, so...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kurence create invisible eplosion under ground as sound of shooting Or smallest explosion on it as firing :P That would sound nothing like a minigun being...
This is pretty sweet, bro. I'm definitely going to be using this.
Post the script so we could look over it. It would allow us to help you better than you just saying that it stopped working.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lajko1 sry for dubble post but try this Код: zcmd(taze,playerid,params[]) { new ID; if(!sscanf(params,"u",ID) { TogglePlayerControllable(I...
So wait.. You just want a command that does TogglePlayerControllable to who you select? Example: /taze [ID]? If so... Below I've scripted basically what I think you're trying to do, but using DCMD an...
Quote: Originally Posted by Alex_Mars Aw, I thought you could control it. But it just goes back and forth. Yeah, that's what I thought. I got pretty sad after I saw that, but oh well. ...
Cool map, bro. Looks very nice. Keep up the good work.
Interesting. I'm downloading it at the moment, I'll test it as soon as it's done.
NPC's are simple to make. Use search to find a tutorial on making NPC's. There is one that is made by 'kc_'. His tutorial is pretty detailed, and it'll tell you basically how to do what you're wanting...