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A minigame like L4D. A dice minigame would be nice... Mission `Human Protector`/`Protector Angel`: you have to help someone to survive for 10 minutes. Mission `Serial Killer`: Kill half of the people...
Make sa-mp great again! What's next? An update?
Quote: Originally Posted by KinderClans Why does a round pizza come in a square box Because round boxes are harder to make... Better question: why is mustard labeled as "delicious" when...
We don't do that here. PS: I personally like 17
593 or may be usefull
Maybe . Why you don't use caesar encrypt, reverse string, caesar encrypt, whirlpool, caesar encrypt? /s I think that you are a bit too paranoid... It's just a game, just Whirlpool should be enough...
Quote: Originally Posted by DTV He means "what stops a hacker from modifying the AC to always send "clean" data even when it's really "cheat" data?" I think. Yep, that's what I meant to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Unkovic Yeah thank you, also what yoy means by Network Layer and code replicating? By network layer he means the way data is send. For example let's say that...
Quote: Originally Posted by Unkovic It is not real launcher Then what it is? An asi mod? A modified version of gta_sa.exe/d3d9.dll?
I don't think that forcing the launcher to all players is a good idea, for example I don't want to download something unless it is from a trusted site ("Microsoft Things", Steam, etc) or open source (...
MySQL uses sockets to transfer data, and MySQL is a database... So, you should use sockets. PS: Make your anticheat open source if you want people to use it.
Then I hope someone will make a SAMP_AdBlocker.asi... As HeLiOn_PrImE said, we are already annoyed by ads almost everywhere: sites (and some sites contain malwared ads), mobile games (some are trying...
Quote: Originally Posted by iKarim Why would you copy a shit game to a shit mod that's based on a shit game? That doesn't make any shit sense. The Shitty Trilogy @K0P Oh yeah, I'm lite...
Quote: Originally Posted by jlalt Result -> PHP Code: 1. Took 314ms | Average: 0.000000 ms pertime 2. Took 507ms | Average: 0.000000 ms pertime V: 8  I thi...
Ouch... Somebody needs to learn how (or is too lazy) to use G00gle / Duckduckgo / Bind / Yahoo's Search
What about a simple post man? The postman would drive with a Mule and maybe he would deliver magazines, newspapers, letters etc.
!IsPlayerAdmin(playerid) || pInfo[playerid][Admin] == 6 See that thing in red? It is the equality operator, so if left is equal to right (pInfo[playerid][Admin] and 6) it will give a value of true. W...
Yes, the SQL Query will work. Btw, your code can be optimised to: PHP код: stock LoadTop10() {     mysql_function_query(mysql, "SELECT * FROM `players` ORDER BY `score` DESC LIMIT...
Incearca sa cauti in script (in gamemode sau filterscript-uri) apelariile functiei CreateExplosion sau CreateExplosionForPlayer