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That would be lit, but it's not possible, unless you save some file as .xlsx and manage to encrypt data into the correct file language. No plugins for this unfortunately. Why don't you take a look in...
Use OnDialogResponse and check if the listitem matches 0 (Score), 1 (Kills) or 2 (Ratio). Then give them the relevant item.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kwarde It did fix the bug from preventing to work in December - But it now gives one day too much (It returned December 24 while it is December 23). Now I am no...
They do get created, they're just not visible. Try to walk through the position you created them and you'll notice they work as expected.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauzen Why totally lock unverifieds out? Sure it will annoy some if they join a server, register, and have to alt-tab for youre mails before starting to play. Y...
Useless thread. Put your suggestions in seperate threads so dicussion can be done. This creates one big mess tbh
Quote: Originally Posted by Shetch When retrieving a timestamp from MySQL and converting it using your include, it spits out a 2017/02/01 date, even though it's 2017/01/29. Here's a worki...
Quote: Originally Posted by iLearner This will always be true sir What does the 'true or false' argument even matter here, they're both fine. He's just checking if any of the players ar...
You cannot really block somebody like that; the RCON password is something apart from the script.
pawn Код: floatint(floatpower(float(x),2)*10);
If you set repeating to false (or 0), it will not run a second time. You will have to set the variable to -1 yourself, but the timer is automatically destroyed.
It's only showing rank 6 members because you are basically wiping the string, then formatting it again. Since the last format is at rank 6, it's showing rank 6 members. Add a SendClientMessage after ...
Quote: Originally Posted by DaEdwin USA/England/Iran/India/Pakistan Iran? Seriously? Not sure if you ever played SA-MP. What about Netherlands? None of you have even mentioned it, even...
Quote: Originally Posted by LilsnappY You're installing a ENB serie or just an infernus modification or something like that? And which tool are you using? And do you replace the .txd file ...
Damn much work to add one single radio station (I won't use it though). I suggest you to make this script dynamic, like I did with my Dynamic Radio in Vehicles include.
Finally, no longer crappy servers on the list.
That's alright, but there is no need to advertise right here. Create your own thread.
Henkie;3498677 Wrote: -- OK: Laat het object vooruit bewegen wanneer de player in het voertuig zit en een bepaalde knop induwt of een command uitvoert met deze functie:
Quote: Originally Posted by DetoNater I want to format the donate expire to Datetotimestamp but it supports only 1 string parmater. how do i do this, help me thanks You should specify ...