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Great work, I’m sure it was quite the task.
Very impressive. I love the way it all flows together with a nice modern look to it.
Your video is going to give me a seizure. Good concept though, really. Just needs a little bit of cleaning up around the edges. Give a smoother feeling, feels choppy currently. Overall well done.
Are you using mysql_log(ERROR); ? If so, set it to mysql_log(NONE); See if it still crashes. Also post your log.
What plugins are you currently using? Are you using sampgdk?
You're missing one of two things or both combined. 1) Fun: Ask yourself, once this is completed will I enjoy doing it with myself? If I noticed this on a different server, would it catch my attention ...
I used strcat and it solved my issue. Seems to be the best method.
Quote: Originally Posted by Midoria Its shutting down please help me !! If you're new to programming, this is not the script to start with. It's fairly complex and is designed for above...
pawn Код: mysql_tquery(Database, "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `PLAYERS` (`ID` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,`USERNAME` varchar(24) NOT NULL,`PASSWORD` char(65) NOT NULL,`SALT` char(11) NOT NULL,`...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dennis12 And WTF is with that strings Code: new string[2300], rinfo[1000] A large string array for a dynamic system isn\'t a issue. The issue is when peo...
Welcome to the most downloaded God Father edit.
Open task Manager and see if gta_sa.exe is running. That will cause it to instantly crash if so. end the task and retry connecting.
I wanted to know why everything did what it did, and more importantly, how. Once I started to get the hang of it majority of servers seemed very unimpressive due to the simplicity of everything.
You're using outdated Include files. GetPlayerPoolSize() Isn't defined in your current include files.
This section is for help with problematic code. Please use the search feature to solve your issue.
You can't tell if someone is standing on your right or left side with accuracy. You can detect if their next to you, but not what side of you they are on. For instance, if you're standing and someone...
45 Pretty master idea.
If I'm not mistaken it's to debug current result memory from a db_query.