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Quote: Originally Posted by TommyB The problem is that SA-MP is currently split and the upcoming 0.3.9 update opened a window to reunite it, which unfortunately won't be happening. You'...
Honestly, and this is obviously an unpopular opinion, but you all act as if Kye is liable for updating this mod forever. As if you all signed a contract with him and that he must deliver as long as yo...
It indeed seems like T2 has retracted their C&D order. The lead-developer of OpenIV has said that he will release a statement soon.
EDIT 2: T2 has retracted their Cease-and-Desist order and OpenIV is officially back. Quote: After discussions with Take-Two, Take-Two has agreed that it generally will not take legal actio...
Quote: Originally Posted by Wennicke Title1Title2Title3Column1 Column1.1Column1.2Column2Column2.1Column2.2Column3Column3.1Column3.2Column3Column3.1Column3.2 Press, quote at my post to see ...
******* Gaming is already killing itself: https://*******.com/jackfrags/status/636675485578072064
Quote: Originally Posted by HeLiOn_PrImE On actual servers I think the average age has increased a bit, just because kids go with the current trend in gaming, and the only people that are ...
Those texts are probably as second object placed together with the pickup. I believe it's a sign that has been made using SetObjectMaterialText(); with the background set to transparent. The thing is,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Glossy42O Weird, but Kaper is right. His friend said so. What if they're in the same boat and Irinel agreed to posting this to make it seem legit?
Quote: Originally Posted by dugi Someone using adri1s IP address, and same mobile phone adri1 has(xiaomi m4) was viewing the death thread in the Spanish section just after it was posted(he...
This is not a 0.3.7 specific problem, but whatever. Are you sure you have the in your pawno/include folder?
Yes, you can have tables in your signature. But what exactly do you mean with "having an image floating in one side"? You can embed pictures into your signature using [ IMG ] tags and then align the p...
Quote: Originally Posted by Onfroi Well, I have the chance to preserve it for free, but I'm still not sure if I want to do it. Everyone who has Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 can upgrade fo...
There is a server with this kind of mode and it's over 100 players almost 24/7, if you want the IP you can PM me.
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