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Your syntax is wrong, it should be the opposite. Query first then the connection handle. Edit: Whoops, actually it's correct. Are you sure it's the line that is giving you the error? Maybe show us a ...
That'd be great! Though I doubt it would happen, anyways...
1) Not possible with only a plugin. 2) You can use a timer for that.
Your "Anti-Health hacking" code is not complete. You need to also hook SetPlayerHealth so it follows your "Anti-Health hacking system". Also, the rest of your code doesn't take into consideration that...
Here's the wiki link for more information: It would be better to use IsUsingSAMPP to check if the player has the plugin installed. And if he does...
You should read about string manipulations. Also, you're using the incorrect parameters for mysql_function_query. They are: pawn Код: mysql_function_query(...
It doesn't change because you're never running the query.
Which version of Windows do you have? And try installing the .NET framework version 4.5:
You might be using an include that hooks OnPlayerDeath. Check each of your includes.
Use strfind to check if the player's name contains [COD] and use GetPlayerName to get the player's name.
I guess he means something like this: pawn Код: forward LoadWeapons(playerid);forward LoadPos(playerid);forward LoadAccount(playerid);public LoadAccount(playerid){    //Code    LoadWeapons(pl...
What do you mean? Are you trying to say that you want to create a public callback without forwarding it? If so, you can do that(if you ignore the compiler warning). I wouldn't advise it, though.
Why don't you guys take in mind reverse engineering? Data sent from the client can always be manipulated in some way.
Look at your filters. EDIT: Oh, sorry. Didn't notice that you actually wrote that on purpose.
Good luck mate! A friend of mine is also willing to start a computer repair shop in Denmark.