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Y_less was actually putting some work into this project... so yeah I think he should be back.
the only useful function I could see is IsCoordNearCoord, the rest is pretty much basic stuff and I wouldn't use an include for those personally. good job for the effort anyway.
Quote: Originally Posted by KayJ I'm new in npc working and stuff... I do note all your observations and improve it. things he pointed out are not related to npcs specifically though, f...
Quote: Originally Posted by RogueDrifter fam thats gay disrespcted
Quote: Originally Posted by Alteh If I had a time machine? would travel and convince Kalcor to continue updating SAMP with new functions so we all be happy and without resentment. Yo...
We're here to give ideas not the ready-made code, you gotta put some effort yourself.
Funny how this thread had almost no replies.
It's kinda hard to start a server if you yourself can't script.
Why fill whole screen if you only need it for chat though
Is it really worth a release? Ask yourself.
Since this is way too simple, you could also add an option to block everyone's pms (and unblock).
Quote: Originally Posted by GangstaSunny. Don't buy there. ? Don't buy because they are not affiliated with game-mp and/or SAMP?
Quote: Originally Posted by Variableā„¢ Didn't know it really matters where they come from. Brazilian playerbase is more stable than russian hackers and Pakistanis. TDM servers aren't fill...
Quote: Originally Posted by cuddlee The only audience tdm servers serve are either Pakis or asians... no wonder they're full coz there's a lot of people of these two origins And you nee...