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pawn Код: CMD:mute(playerid, params[]){    new id;    new reason[128];    new str[256];    new AdminName[MAX_PLAYER_NAME];    new Target[MAX_PLAYER_NAME];    if(IsPlayerAdmin(playerid)...
using a variables. pawn Код: new Disable[MAX_PLAYERS];
Quote: Originally Posted by King Ace Well, lets say I have a command /tццta, in GM it's /t88ta, but how I could use /tццta InGame? /t88ta ? /t88ta <playerid> ? i cant really u...
Quote: Originally Posted by geohareas In my opinion,even it is excellent and awesome,Ravens RP sucks..Many Timers,much functions make it ram consuming.. nah dude, i just telling him , i...
so now , ur problem is , when u put this on ur script pawn Код: #include YSI\y_ini it crashed ur server ?
what's ur enum ? variables ? show us then we can help you.
Quote: Originally Posted by [E]ViL [D]RaGoN™ Great Work, Awesome FS +Rep thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gamer_007 Nice xD thanks Quote: Originally Posted by Rayansh Seems good btw how to check vip or admin cmds? /vcmds to see the vip cmd /level...
Quote: Originally Posted by Crazyboobs Not much features but its nice thanks , more features in the next version ^^
Quote: Originally Posted by Excel™ Nice release... Good for beggnirs But its a copy of an admin System of RAdmin...... Please give credits after seeking premission from the real authe...
Quote: Originally Posted by Schocc nice script^^ thanks.
RADMIN O.O ? omg for the rest of my life i didnt copy RADMIN script dude. btw thanks. EDIT: What is radmin O.O ? i didnt see it b4 lemme check!
Quote: Originally Posted by Strier Seems good, gonna test it out right now. thanks any bugs or suggestion , tell me
so, when player type /aduty cmd again , u dont want the player skin back to the saved one ? u want it to be the admin skin when u do /aduty ? like that ? the admin skin ? :\
16 the thread the download link ENGLISH!
u want when u type /aduty cmd again it will set ur skin that u use b4 using the cmd or what ? O.O cant understand u :\